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Cinco equipos de Traineras femeninas que luchan por el mismo sueño, ondear una bandera, La Bandera de la Concha.

Un documental a través de la historia de las traineras en los remos de cinco equipos: Donostiarra, Arraun Lagunak, Tolosaldea, Orio y Hondarribi. Y de nuestras protagonistas, sus patronas: Andrea, Nadeth, Miren, Nerea y Izaro. 
Release at Zinebi International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao.

After her miscarriage, Ines faces the melancholy of a silenced grieve and approaches with fear and anxiety her new pregnancy. Written & Directed by Isabel Delclaux.

Stars Vicky Luengo, Joe Manjon & Tania Garcia.

Susana Abaitua, Ginés García Millán and Adriana Ozores star in the film adaptation of Gabriela Ybarra´s autobiographical novel The Dinnerguest. Written and directed by Ángeles González-Sinde. 


Official Section Barcelona International Film Festival - Sant Jordi.


Produced by Tornasol Media, Okolin Productions A.I.E and EnBABIA Films. With the support of RTVE and Movistar Plus. International sales by Latido Films.




Malena Alterio stars in this comedy written and directed by Daniela Fejerman, about how the new ways of communicating can turn established family roles upside down. 


Produced by Tornasol Media, Bowfinger Pictures and EnBABIA Films. With the support of RTVE and Movistar Plus. Distributed by DeAPlaneta, international sales by Latido Films. 

Official Section Malaga Film Festival 2020
Directed by Mariana Barassi, starring Clara Lago, Ernesto Alterio and Quique Fernandez. 
Antonio, the Chief Editor of an important newspaper, must choose a successor between Maca, her close disciple with whom he shares a platonic love, and Vargas, a manipulative journalist who knows every trick in the book.




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